Rewilding the Anthropocene

Work Packages

Section A

Work packages 1-3

Section A is comparative, focusing on the disparate impacts of the KAZA TFCA on rural societies and economies. It includes three distinct work packages, which will be part of all six field studies. Two studies will be located in Zambia, one each in Botswana and Zimbabwe, one in the Angolan/Zambian borderlands, and yet another one in north-eastern Namibia. Researchers will work with local communities and develop a methodological approach that allows for the comparison of results across KAZA TFCA.

Section Z

Work Packages 4-9

Work packages in section Z are anchored in single species and trace linkages within particular assemblages. Research on assemblages will follow human and nonhuman actors – animals, plants, microbial beings and their vectors, researchers, conservationists and their discourses and projects. Multi-sited ethnographies will serve to investigate complex multi-species and multi-scalar assemblages.

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